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It can be difficult to express yourself clearly when English isn’t your first language. Complicated ideas can be challenging to communicate, but are important none the less. WhizMarks.com can help you get ahead by meeting your needs to be understood the way a regular English speaker would be. Your writing will be edited by experienced professionals who have worked with writers from around the world, and who can handle the English errors you struggle with. No matter the subject, we can clarify what you want to say. WhizMarks.com will create that well-deserved edge you need so that your thoughts are communicated clearly.

Admissions Essays for Speakers of English as a Second Language

Language errors can cost you opportunities. When applying for a job or to a school, you want to impress your readers. As a prospective student, you want your work to be judged on merit. Our accomplished editors will revise your manuscript for clarity, word choice, and idioms, as well as grammar and spelling. Editors will insert into your document the correct English expressions, the most impressive words, and make sure your message is grammatically correct. Our fast turnaround will help you make your deadlines. You can earn the respect of your native English-speaking peers and colleagues.

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WhizMarks.com follows confidentiality and privacy policies. Your documents are safe with us; file transfers to and from our site are encrypted, and we do not sell or in any way publish any of the papers we review.

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