How It Works

Getting started with WhizMarks is easy!

Edit My Document

Fast, professional, and affordable document editing. Call us at (917) 740-0577 or get started today.

Step 1. Upload your document

When you are ready to have your document edited, you can upload it at Get Started! You will need the document’s word count, and will be asked to submit that number along with payment by credit card. When your document is received by our editors, we’ll start working immediately.

Step 2. Online payment processing

Our affordable rates are only $10 a page (300 words are considered a page) You will be asked to submit payment by credit card at the same time an order is placed. We begin working on your document when payment goes through. You will be asked to provide a word count, and we confirm its accuracy when the document is received.

Express service. If you need your document in less than 24 hours, you may add 50% cost of document to receive at an earlier timeframe that is specified by you when the order is created.

Corporate pricing. For small business and corporate pricing, please visit our pricing plans.

Step 3. We edit your document

Your document will be returned to you within 48 hours guaranteed. Projects over 150 pages may take longer than 2 days. Time frames for larger projects will be discussed with you over the phone or Email, since we cater to your deadlines. We use Microsoft Word Tracked Changes. A completely edited version of your document along with a copy of the tracked version will be returned to you for your convenience! All information is kept confidential by our Privacy Policy.