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Editing for Students

WhizMarks.com can improve your papers. We can clear away distracting grammatical and citation errors that continuously disappoint professors. Using our services will help you leave a positive impression. We’ll edit, proofread, and clarify all types of assignments so that mistakes don't cost you the recognition you deserve.

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Editing for Businesses

We'll help you establish an excellent reputation when it comes to your business communication. You can gain the respect you deserve from clients. We can polish your document without placing an extra burden on your support staff at affordable rates. Our fast turnaround time will help you meet deadlines while focusing on other aspects of your job. Let us help you save energy and money and give your writing a professional edge.

Editing for Businesses

Editing for International Writers

It can be difficult to express yourself clearly when English isn’t your first language. Complicated ideas can be challenging to communicate, but are important none the less. WhizMarks.com can help you get ahead by meeting your needs to be understood the way a regular English speaker would be.

Editing for International Writers

Editing for Personal Work

WhizMarks.com offers our personal editing and proofreading services to you. The world over is impressed with sharp written communications. It’s important. Let us review your documents before presenting them. If you aren’t quite sure and don’t feel comfortable sharing your work with co-workers, friends or family, we can edit your work without passing on judgment.

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What our customers are saying ...
"This is fabulous."

— Oda S., Magazine Publisher, District of Columbia

"I certainly will be using your services again."

— Joanna L., Tutoring Services, Dubai, UAE

"As a non-stop professional as well as a supporter of fellow entrepreneurs, I discovered WhizMarks could help me with monthly letters, which I compose and send to my clients. I easily send WhizMarks my thoughts and they rework my correspondence to reflect proper grammar, punctuation and a contemporary message to the folks I admire most -- my clients! If you as a professional do not have the time to sit down late at night and draft a letter or question whether you are sending the right “message” to your clients, please consider WhizMarks as your professional companion. If you are still writing those term papers, get some sleep and send it to them"

— Deb G., Realtor, Northern Virginia

"Very satisfied and will use you again."

Fred D., Financial Management, District of Columbia

I liked all your edits. The catch about the wind was good. I changed the story to reflect a stronger wind. I also agreed about the ending and the other edits. It really helps when someone outside family and friends looks at writing.

— Sara H., Flash Fiction Writer, Tallahassee, FL

Thank you so very much! I would be honored to help you increase your biz tenfold!

— Deb G., Realtor, Northern Virginia

Edits look good and we will plan on continuing to use you. Very quick turn-around!

— Ralph S., Non-profit Director, District of Columbia

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Our Team

Our team consists of native English language ‘Whizzes’ from California to Washington D.C. Your document is in safe hands with one of our remote editors holding bachelor’s and master’s degrees from top rated universities. All have published works of their own or taught English composition at universities. Our team has experience editing documents of all kinds for business executives, government officials, and students. For names and contact information of a remote editor in your region, please ask us.


Editors on our staff can make a real difference. They can turn your document into a well-written product that will instill confidence in your clients and professors, which is important in today’s world. Whether it is a thank you note, a research paper, or article, we are the professional editors to fit your needs in 48 hours or less guaranteed!

From the Founder

R. Caren Bitar founded WhizMarks in the Summer of 2010. She earned B.A. and M.A. degrees in English, and went on to teach undergraduate creative writing. After working in offices for years as a writer and editor, primarily for government officials in the state of Florida, she decided to take her talents to the Web. Numerous individuals around the world now benefit from her expertise. She currently serves as Copy Editor for Fairfax Woman Magazine and its sister publications in Northern Virginia.


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